Flattening the leaRning curve: Teaching R online during COVID-19

Lessons learned from my first experience teaching an R bootcamp remotely & a collection of tools and resources I found useful

UO Psych R Bootcamp 2020

Materials from a 3-day bootcamp that introduces new learners to R, RStudio and the tidyverse.

Tidyverse Sample Exam 2.0 Solutions

A solution guide to the sample tidyverse exam v2.0 for the RStudio Instructor Training and Certification Program.

Reflections on RStudio Instructor Training

The 'what' and 'why' of RStudio Instructor Training and resources for those interested in pursuing it.

RStudio Instructor Certification

My experience training to be a certified instructor in the tidyverse.

Comparing Cognitive and Affective Predictors of Craving

My master's thesis project

Data Vizualization Dashboard

A flexdashboard that visualizes data from the Big Cities Health Inventory.

Predicting diabetes status from personality

A machine learning project

K-means Clustering Shiny Dashboard

A shiny dashboard that visualizes k-means clustering

Data Science Training in Psychology

Reflections on the importance of data science training in psychology and how we might close training gaps for grad students.