UO Psych R Bootcamp 2020

I organized and taught a 3-day introductory R Bootcamp for my fellow ducks in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon in September 2020. We had we had a fantastic mix of participants, including incoming PhD and master’s students, current grad students, undergrads, research staff, and faculty, with over 40 people attending each day. Thanks so much to everyone who participated! 🦆

The materials have been designed such that you should be able to work through the slides and exercises at your own pace if you were not able to attend the bootcamp sessions. All materials are available on the bootcamp website: https://uopsych-r-bootcamp-2020.netlify.app/

This bootcamp gives a gentle introduction to R and RStudio, transforming and visualizing data with the tidyverse, and the basics of R Markdown. It assumes no prior experience with R or any other programming language and is designed to get learners up and running with the most widely useful tools for reproducible data analysis in R while emphasizing best practices for writing code and organizing project-oriented workflows.

It also contains a curated list of resources for each topic for those who want more opportunities for further learning and practice, as well as a collection of more generally useful resources for learning R.

Specific topics include:

  1. Basics of R & RStudio
  2. Data Types & Structures
  3. Functions & Debugging
  4. Introduction to the Tidyverse
  5. Importing Data & Project-oriented Workflows
  6. Data Visualization with {ggplot2}
  7. Data Wrangling with {dplyr}
  8. Data Tidying with {tidyr}
  9. Reproducible Reporting with R Markdown

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please feel free to share and/or adapt and re-use any of the materials for your own teaching!

You can read more about the bootcamp in this blog post .

Brendan Cullen
Doctoral Student | NSF GRFP Fellow

Psychology PhD student and aspiring data scientist studying precision medicine approaches to health behavior change.