An assortment of different projects I have worked on during my time in graduate school. Wherever possible, I have shared the code for each of these projects on Github – any comments, pull requests, or feedback of any kind are more than welcome!


UO Psych R Bootcamp 2020

Materials from a 3-day bootcamp that introduces new learners to R, RStudio and the tidyverse.

Tidyverse Sample Exam 2.0 Solutions

A solution guide to the sample tidyverse exam v2.0 for the RStudio Instructor Training and Certification Program.

RStudio Instructor Certification

My experience training to be a certified instructor in the tidyverse.

Data Vizualization Dashboard

A flexdashboard that visualizes data from the Big Cities Health Inventory.

Devaluing energy-dense foods for cancer control

R01 project investigating neural correlates of eating behavior change.

K-means Clustering Shiny Dashboard

A shiny dashboard that visualizes k-means clustering